English spoken!

The natives of Bavaria look more wild than they are. Just don't disturb them when they drink their beer!

You are coming from abroad and you are in Nürnberg for the first time? Welcome! We do hope that you feel at home. People from Franconia and especially Nuremberg are, due to the past as trading city, famous for its cosmopolitan openness and friendliness.

The Catholic University Chaplaincy is part of the Catholic Church, which considers all human beings to be brothers and sisters. You are most welcome to pass along and join our crowd. Naturally, prime language here is German, but there are events offered in English, e.g. our Brunch & guided City Tour at the opening of each term. Also naturally, most students are fluent in English and we all will try to make you feel at home. And we also encourage you to share something from your country of origin. Our "Länderabende" (=country evenings), when students from abroad present their food, history and tradition, are very popular events indeed.

Our chaplaincy also offers rooms which you can use for meetings, be it for study or reheasing purposes or for socializing. If you are interested in that, please contact our secretariate.

The Chaplains, Moni and Jörg (=George) are fluent in English and look forward to meet you and assist you in your needs as good as we can.

However, there are limits due to our job description and resources.:

If you are constantly short of money we would recommend you to contact the following institutions for assistance:
If you are looking for accommodation we recommend the following addresses:
If you have legal problems, e.g. because your resident permit has expired, you find competent counseling in this places: